My work seeks to explore my love of nature and its role in our culture as symbol and signifier of meaning.

Luckily for me there is no shortage of inspiration ranging from pre Christian times to stories of the saints and to more modern times with stories of fortune telling octopuses.

As well as portraying older myths I also seek to use birds and nature to tell more modern day stories. I use images of nature to explore what I feel, are universal stories of loss, strangeness, otherness and wonder.

Sadly today we have become too disconnected from the natural world and its role in culture.

Often in my work the same image reappears, the mysterious enigmatic hare and that more gregarious urban inhabitant, the sparrow, seemingly an everyday and familiar bird yet like the hare it can symbolise the unknown and the strangeness of life and of loss. Knowable and unknowable at one and the same time.

I often depict things in a way which mimics collage or things such as cut out images and masking tape,just stuck on to the picture surface. I am attempting to explore and acknowledge the US art critic Clement Greenberg's critique of art - that it is a two dimensional creation in itself and cannot escape its constraints of being a flat surface. The 'ineluctable flatness of the picture plane' as he put it.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my website, hope you like it.